The Center of the Earthquake

Okay, so this blog doesn’t really do current events. We tend to figure there are enough people on the internet that do that. But today I’m bringing you a slightly different perspective on today’s east coast earthquake.

I was in a meeting this afternoon and forgot to silence my cell phone. Rude, I know, but I don’t get many calls or texts so I tend to forget. Well the damn thing wouldn’t stop making noise. Nobody seemed to notice and I didn’t check it (I have a few manners) until I was out at my car. I was slightly concerned when I realized I’d received several emergency alerts from the college where I used to teach just outside of DC talking about an earthquake evacuation. At first I thought that someone must have hacked into the text alert system, but a quick check of the news when I got home confirmed that there had, in fact, been an earthquake in Virginia.

It also revealed that the epicenter of the quake was in Mineral, Virginia where I work sometimes during the Summer. (This prompting one friend to blame it on a mutual friend of ours who is buried there—it was his fault. Of Fault.) I will say that when I first turned on CNN the anchor (who I learned at that point was a UVA grad, but I’ll try not to hold it against her) was talking to someone in Louisa, but most of the coverage has gone away from the center if you will. Most of what I’ve seen since then has focused on the impact of the quake in DC or even NYC. I think the damage to the National Cathedral is sad and all, but it’s another one of those cases of only focusing on urban impact and forgetting everyone else.

Several people on twitter were referring to it as #nycearthquake when it was no such thing. I saw one person complaining about a 20 minute interruption in normal programming saying it was no big deal. I realize we’re not talking Japan or Haiti here and I realize as earthquakes go it could have been much, much worse. But it’s not nothing either. Louisa High School where a friend of mine works received some scary damage and several students and a teacher were injured. Another friend posted pictures of an unbelievable mess in an A.C. Moore.

So yeah… Just remember when you watch news coverage of all of these disasters that for all the people they show you, there are probably people that they aren’t. And sometimes the damage they’re showing is just where they have cameras already, not where it’s worst.

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