Changing it Up

We got a noticeable cold front through here this past week.  Obviously not freezing, but it marked the beginning of hoodie-season.  If my own donning of my W&M hoodie was not enough evidence, the fact that 3 other co-workers showed up for casual Friday with their own university hoodies was definitely a deal-sealer.

I decided this would be a good time to go ahead and make my migration back upstairs for the winter.  I live a nomadic life even within this house (which belongs to my parents–I’m doing some long-term house sitting for them) for energy efficiency reasons.  For the summer, I sleep downstairs in what would normally be my parents room.  For those of you that missed elementary school science, cold air is denser and sinks.  So, rather than fight that fact by running the AC longer and harder to keep my bedroom (which is on the West side of the house) comfortable, I move downstairs for the hot season.

Now that it’s cooling off, it’s time to reverse.  My room goes from uncomfortably warm to nice and toasty.  And the smaller bathrooms with lower ceilings here on the upper floor mean I don’t risk hypothermia like I do downstairs.  I still have to cook down there, but I’m pretty good at eating fast, or bringing it up here.  I’m thinking of bringing up a dedicated TV tray and chair and calling this the dining area.  And I keep an electric kettle and a stash of tea bags up here as well.

This change coincided with the end of my satellite TV and tomorrow’s end of Netflix.  I realized that the TVs in the house were no longer tethered to that coax-connection on the wall.  Suddenly, the TV from my old apartment can move out of the sewing room to any bloody place I feel like putting it.  So I decided with all these changes, I’d do one more.  Something that I realized–to my great surprise–I’d not done in the nearly 10 years we’ve had this house:

Fully rearrange my room.

I can’t believe it’s been this long.  I used to be the kid that couldn’t keep my bed in the same place for 2 months running.  Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 4 different configurations I had in my room in Virginia (which was far more limited on options for arrangement).  Even my apartment had multiple iterations of arrangement.  But not here.  I’ve moved some of the smaller shelves a little this way, or a little that way.  And some items were confiscated for other rooms.  But the major pieces?  No movement more than a few inches.  My bed has been in the same position the whole time, unless you count shoving bed-risers under the legs for a time.

So, even though I have a shit-ton of housework I should be doing, I decided it was time to change things.  I felt guilty at first.  Shouldn’t I be doing dishes, or putting away laundry?  But as it came together, I’ve finally put order to some long standing chaos.  I even pulled out the picture hanging paraphernalia and got one of my prints put in place.

Apparently, I really needed this cold front to get me revved for a change.

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