Venting About an Idea

I know my love of grilled cheese sandwiches is well known. And I believe I’ve also mentioned my love of quesadillas. But I’ve recently become frustrated by a problem that eating either of those presents. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it. You fix your grillie, you cut it in half, you eat the first half, and in the meantime the other half has gotten slightly soggy on the side that was facing the plate. Maybe like me you try to remedy this by flipping it periodically, but it only helps so much. It’s even worse with quesadillas because I tend to cut them into more pieces.

It occurred to me that this is a great product idea. Why don’t they invent some sort of vented plate for serving grillies and quesadillas? Or some sort of rack that fits on the plate to allow the steam to escape. It seems like it’s a fairly basic idea—is it out there already? If so, why don’t I have one?

I will tell you this: when I drop out of school to open my ice cream shoppe that serves gourmet grilled cheeses, we are definitely going to find a solution to this.

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