Yet Another Downton Review

In case you aren’t catching onto the theme here, you can pretty much guarantee that we’re going to be talking Downton on Sunday nights from now until Series 2 ends later in February.  Apologies to those who don’t give a damn (or are avoiding spoilers)

So, sad as it is, Kristy’s and my predictions about William pulling a red-shirt Ensign Ricky a la Star Trek were all too true.  Poor kid.  We are going to miss his honesty, sweetness and his startlingly good piano jamz (’cause Edith just can’t bring it like William could).

Which brings us to poor Daisy.  That was a helluva position to put her in, and I feel as bad for her as I do for departed and deluded little William.  Methinks we’re going to see an era of new maturity from our little Daisy.  She’s already grown up a lot, but I think she’s going to a new level.  Also, on a totally separate note, per a conversation I had with Miss Mary–someone put the old, bad Edith hair on the kid for her wedding.  Most unfortunate.

And that brings us to Lady Violet, who clearly loved William more than Daisy.  Honestly, when will everyone learn that telling that woman “no” is kinda useless?  Dr. Clarkson, the Vicar…it’s amusing how they think she might actually pay them any heed when they deny her wishes.  Silly mortals.

Speaking of mortals, let’s talk about Vera.  Dude, that woman is in possession of an evil that surpasses mere mortals.  And not a fun kinda evil.  I mean, she makes Thomas seem well-adjusted.  Kristy’s suggested that we might wind up with a “Who killed Vera?” story line.  The woman certainly is stacking up the potential candidates.  Me?  I think Old Man Mosely’s going to off her, right before he croaks himself.  No one will ever suspect the little old flower gardener.  And William’s Dad will help him haul off the body.  And Edith will drive the vehicle. Kristy has her own theory, which I’m sure she’ll share.

Sucks to be poor Matthew.  However, if his legs really are kaputt, he needn’t worry about mobility.  Edith’s looking for a future as a chauffeur.  It could work out well.  However, I’m only giving the boy one more half-episode of “oh-woe-is-me-I-am-now-worthless” before I expect Violet to come in and give him a verbal ass kicking.

Mary, well, not much to say for that girl.  It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.  Props to her for being honestly nice to Lavinia.

Lavinia…is boring.  ‘Nuff said there.

Finally we’re getting a touch more activity for Mrs. Hughs.  Or so it seems.  I’m afraid she might just be a device to enable the Ethel storyline, which would suck.  Because Ethel was a bitch before and now she’s a bitch in a really unfortunate position with a very cute baby.

Not sure what to make of yet ANOTHER new maid.  I’m certainly not going to get used to her.  After all, it didn’t do any good to get used to Gwen or Ethel.  Speaking of Gwen, you’d think we’d at least hear someone mention her.  Y’know, maybe give her a ring to let her know, “BTW, you know William?  He married Daisy.  And died.”  Hmmmm, maybe Gwen could kill Vera.  I mean, Anna was like a sister to her.

Speaking of Anna, I am even more worried about our awesome home-girl given Vera’s threats.  I hope Mary’s got enough of the do-good mentality left in her to help Anna out when the inevitable goes down.

And also headed in a downward direction is O’Brien’s mental state.  I’m starting to get a little anxious that the Ladies’ Maid member of the Bobbsey Twins of Doom may wind up in a very dark place mentally and off herself.  For all her attempts to protect Her Ladyship and some of her own grudge-born interests, she’s made things worse just about every time, and she knows it.  It’s already eating at her, and, like the Mary situation, this will all get worse before it gets better.  Can she handle that?  I’m not so sure.

Thomas could handle it.  Even his semi-human support of moving William to Downton was really born out of his bitter feelings about the class situation (not that I hold that particular brand of bitterness against him, I’m an American, after all).

And finally:  Branson.  Dude.  I wanted to yell “I TOLD YOU SO” regarding the Czar.  I’m losing love for the guy.  He’s just not my flavor of revolutionary.

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