WTF Weather?!?!?

I’m sure most of you, gentle readers, have probably been having the same kind of completely out-of-regular-character weather episodes we’ve had around here.  If Kristy hadn’t already assured me that the Mayans say the world is going to end in earthquakes, I’d assume the whole 2012 apocalypse was getting a jump start.

Thursday night, I went for a walk to burn some of the quantities of pissed-off tension I’ve been carrying around.  I had on a sleeveless shirt and a thin, 3/4 sleeve cotton cardigan that I put on less for warmth than to hide my fat arms.  I didn’t need a jacked at all.

Thursday evening walk, no jacket necessary.

I was out for an hour.  It was mostly dark when I returned, but I wasn’t cold.  It was nice.  I snapped a few pictures and came back relatively not pissed off.

Friday, I was home, doing laundry and trying to recover the state of the house before the TV crew from Hoarders showed up.  I came out of the laundry room and happened to glance out the window and see, well, this:

Um, where did this come from?

Really?  REALLY?  From no jacket to a good 35 minutes of steady, heavy snowfall?!?!?

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