Sick from Superstition.

While I had planned a completely different post topic for tonight, I found that this, like all my other plans for what was supposed to have been my Friday off, was derailed.

I’m sick.

Fever, achy, snot and cough sick.

While I don’t really consider myself a superstitious person, at times like this I find myself slipping into some non-modern, old-world-thinking and blaming my encounter with this infectious bug on the fact that just last week I was commenting on how I hadn’t been sick in a while.  Clearly I jinxed that one all to Hades.

The part of my brain still being ruled by logic, education and good sense, knows the reality is that numerous people at work have had some form or other of the galloping crud over the past two weeks, and this, along with my lack of sleep the past two weeks, along with statistics and epidemiology result in a perfectly logical explanation for my illness.

But the monkey-brain in the corner is convinced that somehow karma decided to kick my ass.  I’m sick because noting my lack of illness was a kind of pride which could only lead to a downfall.  Snot.  Fever.  Cosmic balance restored and Cammy suitably humbled.

It kinda macht’s nichts right now as I sit here in the recliner huddled under a quilt, cuddling the box of goodies I received today (completely unrelated to my illness, but fortuitously timed…perhaps karma felt bad about my fever being 101?) and drifting in and out of consciousness while watching Bollywood movies*….

And by the time this has cleared out, I’ll be back to reminding myself to use more hand-sanitizer…and I’ll probably forget to avoid talking about how long I’ve been without a bad cold.

*Side note:  Dude.  Watching Bollywood flicks when you’re in and out of reality?    Whole new kinda wacky, lemme just tell you.

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