What You Didn’t Know Your Outlet Mall was Missing

This year I went Black Friday shopping for the first time in my life. Not in any sort of insane way; roommate and I just went to the sort of nearby outlet mall. Rather than going at midnight we waited until after lunch so the crowds had thinned out a bit. Still there were crowds, which are not my favorite things. But then there were great deals, which are some of my favorite things.

But the best part of the trip was that this outlet mall had something every outlet mall I’ve visited in the past was missing. Something I didn’t even realize they needed, but I now know with absolute certainty every outlet mall should have: a winery.

Yup. I thought the name was a joke or something, but it turns out a local winery has a tasting room right there in the between the Rue 21 and Gap. Tastings are only $2 for five tastes, which isn’t bad for the wineries around here. The wine itself was nothing to write home about, though they had a nice Black Friday deal going, so we wound up leaving with several bottles. It was totally drinkable wine.

But it wasn’t the quality of the wine that was so great. It was that after dodging crowds and standing in line and being bumped into by strollers and darting in and out of the icy wind for hours, we got to stop, and chat, and drink some lovely wine. I suppose it helped that the winery wasn’t crowded. But it was the perfect way to distress before hitting the last couple of stores.

So word to the wise, wineries and outlet mall managers. Wineries. Booze. It will work out well for everyone.

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