Pumpkin Soup Recipe

I discovered pumpkin soup two years ago. It’s fabulous. This is one of several variations I’ve come up with.

1 pie pumpkin (I’ve done this with carving pumpkins; you’ll just need to cook them a little longer)

1 bunch turnips

1 medium onion

4 cloves of garlic

Herbs and spices as desired


Olive oil

1 box chicken or vegetable stock


Peel and seed the pumpkin and cut it into bite sized pieces. Set the seeds aside for delicious roasting. Also cut the turnips into bite sized pieces. If the greens look good go ahead and wash some of them and chop them into pieces. Dice the onion. Put it in a large pot with a good glug of olive oil. Sauté until they start turning transparent. Mince the garlic and add it. Once the garlic and onions are starting to brown add a couple tablespoons of flour. Let it brown for a bit. If you’re using turnip greens add those. Add and herbs you’re using. I used fresh basil, rosemary, and garlic chives and dried  oregano, smoked paprika, and some dried santaka/japones chiles. Add your stock and the pumpkin and turnips. Cover and let simmer till turnips and pumpkin are nice and soft. Enjoy!

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