The Bobby Pin Time Forgot

I feel like this one should be filed in the same category as the zombie tomato story. But I have no photo documentation.

I went to brush my teeth tonight and  noticed something sticking out of the drain. For one frightened moment I thought it was a bug of some sort, but I quickly realized it was the rounded end of a bobby pin. Well that’s not all together surprising. I live with a small ball of orange fluff who frequently knocks things such as bobby pins into the sink. Assuming this was what had happened I grabbed it and pulled it out.

That’s when I discovered this was the bobby pin time forgot.

Actually, I’m just saying that because it’s a cool name. Clearly time had not forgotten this one, since it was rusted beyond belief and wrapped in a whole bunch of my hair. Now none of this is incredibly surprising. One can easily deduce how a bobby pin got in my drain and how a bunch of hair got in my drain and if they’re down there together, they’re going to get tangled.

What I don’t get, is how I never noticed it before. I mean, a good quarter inch of it was visible, and this is not the first time I’ve brushed my teeth recently. This leads me to suspect it wasn’t visible, but if that’s not the case, where was it? Did it fall further down and get shot up by some sort of air bubble? Was it there, but not visible and something caused it to shift just enough to be visible? Is there a time slip in my sink drain?

Altogether, not a momentous experience, but certainly an odd one.

(She said before the bobby pin climbed out of the trash and ate the Commonwealth of Virginia.)

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