A Family Should Never Be the Topic of Conversation

It’s about bloody time. Season (Series, if you must) of Downton Abbey is finally premiering on PBS. And despite our erratic posting of late, you didn’t think I’d let this pass without posting.

I know I could have gone online and watched it illegally months ago, but I resisted. I’ve done everything I can to avoid spoilers. I know something happens a few weeks in that had my facebook feed all in a tizzy, but I’m going in mostly blind.

Has Sibyl gotten collagen injections? I know she’s knocked up, but she looks more different than she ought to. I guess it’s to let us know how much her life has changed.

Branson is still so delightfully petulant.

Are we going to get a Matthew-Branson bromance? I really hope so.

Lord and Lady Grantham are back to having such a wonderfully supportive, loving relationship. We’re just going to pretend like season 2 and what’s her name never happened.

Cocktails! I want to drink cocktails with the Granthams!

Edith has jolly hair!

I didn’t love Sir Anthony before. But I’m starting to. I do not, however, love Edith’s dress.

Dress up time with the Dowager Countess! I want to join! They can make me wear whatever uniform of oppression they want.

Are we sure Matthew isn’t Catholic? He’s got that guilt thing down pretty well.

Oh Edith! Why can’t they make you a dress out of decent fabric?

Lady Violet is a woman of many powers. She helped save Hogwarts.

Daisy… I go back and forth on you. But right now, I kinda want to push you down some stairs.

Oooohhh! The TALK!

I want Mary’s hairstyle.

Aw! I heart Carson and Lady Mary.

Mrs. Levinson’s wedding outfit is fabulous. Like drag queen fabulous! I love it.

I honestly expected them to drag on the wedding longer. It will be interesting to see where they go from there.

Cousin Isobel has circles on her boobs. And we’re talking about taste. Interesting.

Oh Ethel. Why do I have this terrible feeling her secret and Branson’s are the same?  Oh Downton, don’t do this to me!

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