My Irregularly Scheduled Programming

Between what I am now realizing was a very extensive period of extreme work stress, travel, and my decision to cut off my satellite because I just didn’t have time to watch $80 worth of TV a month, I found myself getting way off schedule with the shows I watched regularly.  I’m not a complete spoiler-phobe, but I do get kind of anal-retentive about watching things in order, even if I’m spoiled for what’s coming.  In this case, I’ve avoided spoilers (pretty easy when you’re buried in work or on another continent), and I’m finally at a place where I can start to catch up.

As I type this, I’m finally watching season 4 of Chuck.

That would be the 2010-2011.

Yes, I managed to get two whole years off (for the record, I am still highly amused and I still kinda wanna work at the Buy More).

Psych hasn’t fared much better.  Even the show I would have picked above others–and the one for which I managed to stay on schedule the longest–Bones–is over halfway through a season beyond that which I’ve seen (and because of the way their DVD release runs in comparison with the start of their seasons, I’m kind of concerned that I may have another Chuck situation where I’ll only ever really be able to catch up if the show actually comes to an end.).

So at this point, everything I’m watching is–at a minimum–a year off schedule.  Except Downton Abbey.  E-mail reminders from my local PBS station and lots of twitter chatter keep me from ever forgetting that one (also, PBS doesn’t fuck around with the time slot–Sunday nights are sacred so I don’t have to worry about some stupid schedule change).

This comes with other strange side effects:  because I’m a year behind and working solely off DVDs, I have no idea what other shows may be going on (other than on PBS–totally know what’s up on next week’s Nova and that Antique’s Roadshow coming to us from Corpus Christi next time).  Were there any new shows this season worth looking into?

Of course, even if there were something new, right now?  It’d only be something else I’d be behind on.


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