Downton In Review

First off, I would like to solicit some applause for myself:  despite having received the Downton DVDs in the mail (I had completely forgotten that I’d pre-ordered this season for myself for Christmas…So, I check the mail this week and: best.surprise.ever.), I am NOT cheating and watching ahead.

So, I watched tonight’s along with everyone else (and by everyone else I mean everyone else who normally watches and whose priorities were not screwed up by the Stupor Bowl….Today is one of those days when I am actually so incredibly glad to be single–no pretending to want to watch pro football).

That said, I don’t have much to say about this week.  After last week, it was rather low-key, which was good.  I needed that.

-Still feeling terrible for Branson, but, oddly, I feel worse for Cora (which is weird because normally I find Lady Grantham just, “meh”)

-I’m pissed at Carson this week, but I’m pretty sure anyone with a vagina and/or some human decency is ready to smack him.

-I’d like to say I’m absorbed in the f’d up love quadrangle happening below stairs with the garden girls (really, is there some rule that the kitchen maids at Downton have plant names?) and the footmen, but I find myself wishing this were something they would hurry up and resolve (like some things that happen on this show), instead of something they drag out (which sadly, it’s looking like this one is going to keep going for a bit).

-Love seeing William’s Dad.  He’s adorable and sane and everyone on this show should be visiting him for regular therapy.  The only other person that speaks half as much sense as him is the Dowager Countess (but she’s a lot more acerbic about it, generally).

-Yes, she is generally acerbic, but the Dowager Countess kicked me in the shins with her turn to the nice and tender side when talking with her son about his loss.  Every week, I go in not needing anyone to tell me she’s awesome, and every week, she decides to prove it again anyhow.

-Am I the only one who felt more rallying around Ethel’s situation than around Ethel herself?    I just can’t muster the give-a-damn about Ethel, but at least this week, the whole feminist rumbling offered something that piqued my interest.

-Lord Grantham needs his ass kicked.  I’m sorry he’s being forced to face the fact that he’s not all that and a bag of chips, but he’s mostly coming off like a petulant child.  Honestly, I think I’m still bitter over that damn situation with the maid.  If he hadn’t f’d up there, maybe I’d be able to pity him having to face the reality that his son-in-law is way smarter at business than he is.

-Anna and Bates….FINALLY.  Let’s get this guy out of the clink.  I want them to be sickeningly happy for the remainder of this season and into the next.  I want sacchrine cuteness out of these two, and I’m not apologizing for that.

All in all, it may not have had quite the impact of last week, but it beats the hell out of watching pro-football and pretending to be entertained by advertisements.


2 Responses to “Downton In Review”

  1. MARY says:

    Lord G’s character about face is rather interesting, considering he tried so hard in season one to interest Matthew in the running of Downton.

    I will cry is Maggie leaves this show.

    • Kristy says:

      I’m not sure it really is an about face. I think he wants Matthew to be interested, he just doesn’t want him to see anything in it that he doesn’t see. The thing about Lord G is he’s a really nice guy who’s lived a very narrow existence and has a very hard time grasping anyone’s differing opinions, interests, desires, etc.

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