Happy Anniversary to Us!

By the time I get this posted it won’t be St. Brigid’s Day where I am anymore, but it still is in Cammy’s time zone, so I say it counts!

Happy anniversary to us!

I actually have some more substantial posts stockpiled, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers. All five of you.

Seriously, we’ve been flaky this year. We’ve been flaky this week. I would give you all of the perfectly legitimate reasons for this, but I kinda figure you already know or don’t care anyway. Bottom line is, we are still blogging and we hope you’ll keep reading.

And we hope you celebrated St. Brigid’s with colcannon, because I didn’t. I know. Fail. Truth be told I didn’t realize the date until I already had black beans and rice on the stove.

On an Irish heritage note, I was informed by those who would know, that when I do an Irish accent I sound like I’m from the Dublin suburbs. That was exciting considering I always thought I sounded like an American trying to talk with an Irish accent and failing.

Take care. Stay warm. Much love.

4 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us!”

  1. Teapot says:

    Happy Anniversary from a loyal reader! I hope you gals have a terrific next year, and I hope to see you both more often once I emerge from the Black Hole of Dissertation.*

    *Speaking of which, thanks for providing this opportunity for new and more interesting procrastination as I finish drafting my last chapter.**

    **Pursuant to which, if you have questions about what happens to crabs’ hearts when they get cold, I’ve got answers. SO many answers.

    • Cammy says:

      So, I’ll open Pandora’s Box….what happens to crab’s hearts when they get cold. And by cold, I’m hoping you have some examples to match my current outdoor temperature, say, 4 degrees F?

      • Teapot says:

        When crab hearts get cold, they: beat faster at freezing temperatures, fail at lower high temperatures, upregulate genes related to RNA processing, and downregulate genes related to muscle assembly. Among other things. 😉

  2. Cammy says:

    All I can say is that Kristy is clearly the brains of the operation. And the one with a calendar. Me? Didn’t know it was St. Brigid’s Day. Also didn’t realize it was Superbowl Sunday. One of these things posed a real problem when I went to the grocery store earlier (parking lot’s full, and there’s NO BEER. FAIL!)

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