Cheap Green: My New Favorite Ex-Foliator

I’m not radically green.  I can, however, say without a doubt that I’ve been green a lot longer than a lot of the newly-environmentally-aware people I know, who are all about their organic cotton and trendy metal water bottles and reusable stuff.

See, the thing was, we used to just call it “cheap” when you were up for using things multiple times and growing your own tomatoes and making things yourself and hanging clothes out on the line.

But, whatever tag you attach to it, I’m enjoying the proliferation of cheap/green instructions out there.  One of which led me to a suggestion for a face and body scrub that is my new favorite thing ever:

Coffee grounds

Olive oil (a tablespoon or so–this isn’t an exact science

Tiny bit of tea tree oil (a few drops)

I actually read about the coffee grounds all on their own.  I tried it and it worked all right for me.  Nothing spectacular, but nice enough to use for the occasional ex-foliation.

Then someone on a message board posted something suggesting adding some olive oil.  Since I consider olive oil a somewhat magical thing, I was down for trying this.  The tea-tree oil was my own addition since I tend to use it on my skin anyhow as I’m prone to acne.  I tossed it all together and decided to give the new-and-improved version a try last weekend.

Oh my.

It’s been 5 days and I still find myself petting my own arm because it’s never felt that soft.  Yes, petting my own arm.  And my knees.  Holy crap, I never knew how rough my knees were until I found out how soft they could be.

This is a miracle substance, at least for me.  The raving and amazement I’ve heard from others about this product or that recipe, but never managed to experience myself?  Now I’ve got it.

The only downside is application.  The ideal way to use it is in the shower, but I hesitate to wash coffee grounds down the shower drain too often–I have to clean the hair out of the drain often enough without adding other bio matter to it.  But, if I can find a handy way of rinsing into a separate container, not only can I spare the drain, but I can take the whole mess out to the compost bin for use number 3 as future fodder for garden growth.

Just another way to reap the benefits of green, the new cheap.

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