It’s Summertime! Feel the Burn!

So, as the mercury has crept upward and my wardrobe has shifted from sweaters to sleeveless blouses, I decided this summer, I have a goal: spend more time outside.  I’ve been so busy in the past, oh, decade, that being outdoors rather than in just didn’t happen.  I’m not really a fan of summer, but I decided that’s just because I haven’t made the effort to enjoy it properly in so long.  Time to change that.  Time to get out, plant the garden and enjoy the fresh air!

Time to get out and get reminded that pasty girls don’t belong in sunshine.

Oh, hello sunburn!  How have you been?  I’ve avoided you a few years, but here you are again.

We here at My TV, My Peanut Butter are pigmentally challenged.  Kristy moreso than me–I hide at least a few of my veins from view, unlike Kristy.  If either of us ever gets any color is one of three things:  a flush that will pass; freckles; a sun burn.  Please note that option 2 is usually a follow on to option 3.

And it’s not like either of us is ignorant of skin protection.  In my case, a mother and grandmother who both had skin cancer (for my grandmother it was melanoma and resulted in the removal of a chunk of her leg), ensured that I’ve been all but bathed in sunblock, stuck into floppy hats and made to wear outside shirts over tank tops when outside for my whole life.  I continued the practice out of a combination of habit and fear.  The great piss off is, that, as I experienced again yesterday, even when we-the-pasty obey the rules (sunscreen, liberally applied 30 minutes before going out, reapplied throughout the day, over-shirt, hat, sunshades), we can still find ourselves starting to sizzle and by the time we realize that, it’s too late to prevent at least 24 hours of some level of misery.

This is putting a significant kink into that whole “more time outside” plan.  Oh, sure, the garden will go on, but it will wait until later in the evening.  The idea of sitting out with a book will have to be moved under the shade of the trees in the back corner, and dining out on the patio will require the aid of an umbrella unless it’s later in the evening.  It’s still doable–but accommodation will be necessary.

Hmph.  Yeah, I don’t think summer’s going to be making up from the bottom on my list of favorite seasons.

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  1. Teapot says:

    I went on a 3-day backcountry ski trip over the weekend, and got a pretty stellar burn. Get this: my lips are sunburned. To the point of peeling. I brought & used lip balm but apparently grabbed the only tube I own WITHOUT an SPF. D’oh.

    Being pale: not fun.

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