Nectar of the Gods…


So before I go any further, let me confess one thing:  I have writer’s block.  And I’m supposed to be out the door right now.  But once I head out the door I won’t have internet access until tomorrow night, so I have to get this written and posted now.

But I have nothing to say.

So we’re going to talk about what is on my brain right now.


One of God’s greatest gifts to us.

Yes, I have an addiction.  And yes, in part, it is a caffeine addiction which could be satisfied by any number of sources.  But I also have an addiction to coffee.  You see, unlike many of my fellow college students who learn to drink coffee in order to stay up and write papers, I actually love the stuff.  And I have for a very long time.  When I was four years old my mother was driving me to preschool one day and I complained of being thirsty.  I’m fairly certain she simply thought I was being an obnoxious child and complaining just to complain, so she finally snapped, “If you’re that thirsty you can have a drink of my coffee!”  So I picked up her coffee cup and started drinking.  (At which point she snatched it away from me, no doubt dreading the results of sending a caffeinated four year old to school.)

I love the smell.  Some of it is simply a matter of association since my mother is also a coffee addict and so coffee smells like home and mom to me.  But it has an extremely visceral effect on me.  There was a day a couple years ago, where I had spent several hours lost on my way to a rehearsal.  Several more hours rehearsing outside in rain that was just above freezing.  Then another hour lost on my way to the interstate.  I finally reached the interstate and got off to get badly needed gas.  While at the gas station (Wawa—Wawa has some of the best gas station coffee around) I picked up a cup of coffee.  Exhausted, stressed out, and facing at least an hour of bumper to bumper traffic on I-95, I got back in my car and back on the interstate.

And then the smell of my coffee began wafting through the car.  And the knots in my back and neck began unclenching.  And my lungs, which I didn’t even realize were tight, opened up.  And I suddenly felt like everything was going to be okay.  And this is just from the smell—before I even had a sip!

I’m sort of a coffee connoisseur, but not a coffee snob.  At the moment I’m drinking Community Coffee French Roast (Louisiana represent!) which is dark and rich and delicious with a slight acidic aftertaste.  My preference is definitely to dark roasts, the darker the better.  I’m not really picky about flavor notes.  When I’m buying myself (I didn’t buy this) I only buy Fair Trade Certified, because having lived in South America I think it’s really important.  Usually Fair Trade Certified coffee is also organic, and I will say that with coffee more than most anything else, I can taste the difference in organic.  It’s cleaner tasting somehow.

As for how I drink my coffee, it depends on the time of day and what I’m drinking it with.  In the morning, I like it with a fair amount of some sort of milky substance.  It can be milk or cream or synthetic artificial cream like product.  I don’t ever add sugar, but if there’s sugar in the creamer, that’s acceptable.  What is never acceptable is sugar but no cream.  It’s disgusting.  Also, Splenda is never okay, because if I wanted extra chlorine in my diet I would drink some pool water.  And I’m allergic.

Any other time of the day I can drink it in most any form.  With dessert I tend to like it black.  But if I’m drinking it by itself after a meal I like it with a lot cream and a maybe touch of sugar, essentially turning my coffee into a dessert.

Fancy, schmancy espresso drinks are okay, but honestly not usually worth the money to me since they disguise the taste of coffee, which is what I’m actually after.  So I rarely drink them.  Espresso itself, on the other hand, is quite tasty.

And on that note, my cup is almost empty, and I’m now officially late, so happy drinking to you all.

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