Another Return

This will probably be a dull post, but….I’ve returned home from travel yet again.  The visit to help Kristy celebrate the big 3-0 was successful and entertaining (at least I thought so).  Unfortunately the lure of a paycheck caused me to hit the road today.  Well, the paycheck and the realization that I had a cat who was undoubtedly missing me (or at least missing a lap to sit on).

But, even if it sucks to end the fun, it’s always nice to get home especially when the journey in between has been a long drive.  Even after a short visit, I come back to a tomato plant that has apparently decided to take over the entire flower bed, a bunch of peppers that weren’t there when I left, and an eggplant that will be ready to pluck in a few days (plus others which look to be on the way).

Of course, I also came home to laundry had to finish, and a cat that literally bitched me out before I even got in the door (I could hear her inside).  Oh, and the knowledge that the bill-paying-job starts up again tomorrow.

But I won’t dwell on that.  For now, the cat is done bitching and has curled up next to me contentedly, the garden will be dealt with tomorrow and I’m back in my cozy chair after having had an oddly pleasant cross country drive back from a fantastic weekend with an old friend, eating, drinking and generally being merry.  Oh, and I’ve put Rio Grande in the DVD player.

I’ve got the warm and fuzzies and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Maybe it doesn’t make for an entertaining post, but the pleasant-yet-un-exciting really ought to be worth a mention just as much as the annoyances, right?

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