A Very Clever Time Vampire

I have a love/hate relationship with riddles.  They’re fun, and I enjoy the blissful moment of feeling smart when I solve one.


The self-esteem degrading blows and hair pulling agony of trying to figure them out is a total bitch.  And I can’t walk away from it.  It mocks me, drawing me back when there’s a house to clean for my soon-to-return bi-continental parents.

The massive, 1000 level riddle-quest at A Clever Waste of Time has been doing the mocking lately.  I’m embarrassed to say I’m a mere handful of levels into the thing and that I definitely needed some of the hints in the first 5 levels (I had no idea how to even start).  After that there’s a forum where you can seek guidance, but I’m avoiding it, though it’s a very tempting beacon….So far basic web knowledge has been the key to moving forward–I have no idea what lies ahead.

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