Coffee With Jane Austen? Happy Thought, Indeed

Cammy:  Damn skippy I’d have coffee with her.  I appreciate some snarky, people-watching sarcasm and who better to bring that to the table than Austen?  A sense of humor that speaks across centuries is a gift.  I’d also like to pick her brain about about how she let’s the “bad” (relatively speaking) guys off so easy.  I mean, she had it in her power as the author to kick Wickham’s ass, to lob off Willoughby’s nuts, and generally to dole out a lotta suffering on the male assholes.  But she doesn’t.  I’d like to get to the bottom of that one–either to find out why she’s not vengeful, or get closer to figuring out why I am.  And most importantly of all, I owe this woman the beverage and pastry/snack of her choice as a big, fat thank you for Mr. Darcy who was the first literary man I ever had a crush on (even before I saw him portrayed by Colin Firth).

Kristy:  Definitely.  Again, gotta love the snark.  And the Mr. Darcy.  (Who I also loved before seeing Colin Firth take on the role.  And even before I think we were supposed to love him in the book.)  I’m also interested in clearing up a couple of scholarly debates about her life and how much of it was reflected in her writing.  Was her mother really Mrs. Bennett like?  Was her relationship with her sister dysfunctionally codependent or just close?  Why did she accept a marriage proposal only to change her mind the next day?  Also interested to get her take on how we were supposed to view some of her characters/plots; I’ve always suspected that being American and born too late I was missing a few things no matter how much socio-historical research I do.  And I’d like her take on my “Lydia Bennett has ADHD” theory.

Damn it, Cammy.  Now I want to watch and I have no time!

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