Why November?

I would dearly love to participate in NaNoWriMo.  I actually made a half-ass attempt once.  Unfortunately, there are few months of the year more crappy as far as timing is concerned.  Honestly, who the hell picked November?

In college it came at the end of the mid-term crunch which extends into the hellish push to the end of the semester.  When you’re pulling all-nighters and paying the kind of money you shell out for an education these days, it’s hardly the time to try and churn out a novel.

I thought once I was done with school it would be better, but it’s not.  I’ve found that in my meat-space job, November is a push month to clear things out before December which is a hell month for business with people constantly going out on holiday.  It’s like everyone’s last ditch effort to get real work done before the year ends, and the closer you get to the end of November, the worse it is because you also have the kink of Turkey day thrown in.

Even when I was unemployed (the one year I attempted the run), November proved to be a nightmare because of the number of family get togethers and my continued ass-busting to find a job.  Thanksgiving week was a total bust.  Telling my family I need time to work on a novel just isn’t going to work.  No one believes you’re serious.  And even if they do, they don’t grasp what it entails.  And then they want to know why you’re not polishing your resume to find a job.  That was a week gone.  Plus an additional week gone since I was sworn in as an attorney that month and the family made a to-do there as well.

Even December works better.  For students you get a chunk of the month off (the first part’s a bust, admittedly).  The family togetherness is still an issue, but for my family it’s always spread out more than the November blitz of Thanksgiving.  In my job, things at work tend to slow down a lot as people take off.

I’ve considered doing my own novel writing challenge in some other, less poorly-timed month, but I lament the lack of mass support of other writers, and the fun of badges and kick-off parties, write-ins and bragging that you made it.  There’s something to all of that.  In my one attempt to participate, I found that solidarity with other writers quite heartening and helpful.

Anyone out there want to rebel with me?  Name the month.  Seriously.  Leave a response, or, you can drop us an e-mail–all addresses are @mytvmypeanutbutter dot com (before the at you have your choice of Kristy, Cammy or themanagement).

Separate Note:  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  I did not do my duty and post Sunday.  I’ve got company in town and it totally slipped my mind.  You may feel free to either suggest punishments, hurl virtual rotten food, or just tell me that it’s actually nicer when I don’t post.

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